Mallinella myrmecophaga Koh & Dankittipakul, 2014 – of the lowland in Sarawak/Borneo

In the rainforest of Borneo, there are many strategies for animals to survive and hunt. One popular strategy is mimicry, an adaptation that serves to deceive or protect themselves. The very rare spider Mallinella myrmecophaga Koh & Dankittipakul, 2014 from the family of Ant spiders (Zodariidae), uses the appearance of Dinomyrmex gigas, this ant also seems to be the preferred prey. M. myrmecophaga (the species name means ant eater) waits on tree trunks or leaves for passing workers of D. gigas in order to kill them within seconds with a precise attack. As soon as the prey is dead, M. myrmecophaga drags it to a safe place and eats it in peace. The prey is held with the head under the cephalothorax to allow a quick escape from the “crime scene”.