The Philippine slow loris, Nycticebus menagensis (Lydekker, 1893) of south Sarawak, around 60m ASL.

According to Munds & Nekaris et al (2013), there are four different species of Slow Loris in Borneo. The species in the photo is Nycticebus menagensis (Lydekker, 1893), the distribution area is Philippine islands and coastal northern Borneo (East Kalimantan, Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei).

Slow loris feed omnivorously, feeding on both plant and animal sources (including fruits, insects, small reptiles, bird eggs and occasionally even birds).

In the photos a certain behavior is clearly documented, because many Slow Loris prefer tree sap as food, for this they scrape the bark of the trees with their comb teeth some time later from these injuries the tree sap emerges. On the pictures it is to be seen well that the tree shows a multiplicity of injuries of the bark and this tree is a feeding place which is visited frequently.