A sleeping undetermined bee of the Genus Amegilla Friese, 1897, Subgenus: Glossamegilla – from south-Sarawak / Borneo – 640m ASL

Amegilla is a genus of the Apidae family within bees. Amegilla includes more than 260 species and is distributed in practically all of Africa (including Madagascar), the Palaearctic and Orientalis, and Australia.

Amegilla bees live solitary. They nest in self-dug burrows in the ground, often also in steep walls (for example of hollow ways or gravel pits). Often the nests are in large aggregations and often the nest structures are used again and again. Individual species also nest in wood. Adults usually live only about six weeks, which is not considered very long.

Amegilla bees collect pollen from different plants (so they are polylectic). They can fly very fast and are therefore underrepresented in scientific collections.